My name is Matthew Johnson. I started working pianos in 2011. Before then, the piano in my house was terribly out of tune. During my teenage years, I often begged my parents to get the piano tuned; however, it never happened. Working with my hands and working with music were the things I loved doing the most, and after realizing that there is a job for people who love tools and music, I decided to figure out how to tune the family piano myself. After successfully tuning the piano, MJ’s Piano Tuning and Repair was born.

Taking care of my customers’ pianos is a responsibility I take seriously. Realizing that for most people, a piano is not merely a piece of furniture but a beloved instrument that has the ability to bring life and joy into a home, I endeavor to bring the highest quality of service to my customers’ homes. I have had the honor of working alongside with and receiving training from distinguished piano technicians such as Rick Baldassin, Keith Kopp, Brigham Larson, and Jason Cassel. Many years of experience, training, and developed talents are what qualify me to be able to make your piano sound and work the way it should. I also play the piano, guitar, and the French horn, and have participated in many bands and orchestras. These extra experiences have also greatly contributed to my aural skills.

I have a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from BYU. I served an LDS mission in the Indonesia Jakarta Mission. I married my sweetheart Eliza in 2015. We have two beautiful sons.